Benefits Of Metformin Therapy

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benefits of metformin

Metformin is an oral prescription drug which has been in use for many years. It’s primarily used to treat type II diabetes alone or in combination with other medication. It’s affordable and highly effective. Metformin is more popular than the comparable drugs and it’s available in generic and brand version. The drug has numerous benefits since its uses are many.


Benefits of Metformin for Diabetes


As indicated above, the medication is used in patients with type II diabetes. A person with the condition has elevated sugar levels in the bloodstream. Insulin is not adequate to move the sugars into the cells. Thus, the body depends on different energy sources in the tissue, organs, and muscles; the chain of reaction leads to a variety of symptoms, although symptoms develop slowly. The early signs are mild and are easily dismissed. As the ailment progresses, the signs and symptoms become severe and dangerous. Without medical intervention, type II diabetes may become life threatening. The ailment has a strong effect on the heart. The drug can be used by men and women with type II diabetes, they will enjoy Metformin benefits such as:


  • Respond better to insulin produced by their bodies
  • Decreased amount of sugar released by the liver
  • Reduction of sugar absorbed by the intestines
  • Maintaining normal blood sugar levels
  • Lower risk of a heart attack or stroke


As a result of controlled blood sugar levels because of using the drug, a patient will experience prevention of:


  • Kidney damage
  • Blindness
  • Nerve problems
  • Loss of limb
  • Sexual function problems


A female with diabetes is more likely to experience a heart attack after the first one. Furthermore, she is at a greater risk of heart failure when compared to a woman without diabetes. During pregnancy, a woman may develop gestational diabetes which can trigger complications such as preterm birth, blood loss during delivery and large birth weight if not treated. Additionally, type II diabetes may cause problems during pregnancy if not managed, hence, an expectant female will enjoy the above-mentioned benefits of taking Metformin and challenges during pregnancy and delivery will be dealt with.


How can one effectively manage type 2 diabetes during pregnancy? If you are planning to become pregnant and diabetic it’s advisable to visit a doctor to prescribe Metformin to achieve normal blood sugar levels for six months before getting pregnant and to maintain the levels for the nine months of the pregnancy. If you have been keen on keeping diabetes under control, continue with the routine since there will be two on board. For an individual to enjoy the benefits brought by Metformin, diet and exercise are vital.


Additional Advantages


Health benefits of taking Metformin are not only limited to regulating blood sugar levels and preventing risks associated with diabetes only. The drug can be prescribed because of additional gains one will experience while on the medication. To start with, Metformin is a means of weight loss. Shedding off the extra kilos is a dilemma for many, and the medication can be the answer. How does the drug lead to weight loss? It’s believed that the drug prompts one to eat less due to loss of appetite and feeling full while on the medication.


Although studies have shown that an individual will enjoy benefits of Metformin weight loss, it’s essential to bear in mind that the medication is not a quick fix solution. Metformin benefits weight loss occurs gradually and may take one to two years before attaining the ideal weight. Patients with diabetic are mainly obese or overweight; hence, taking the drug regulates blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, reduces blood fat levels and minimizes chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. Obesity is associated with a number of health problems.


Women with polycystic ovary syndrome aren’t left behind when it comes to the advantages of this medication. Females with the disorder are insulin resistant, obese or overweight and have challenges with conception. In these women, the medication prevents or delays the development of full-blown diabetes, they become sensitive to insulin hormone, lead to weight loss and restores fertility, so the women can conceive easily; please take note, being overweight contributes to infertility.


The medicine plays a role in cancer prevention (patients with type II diabetes are at risk of developing certain cancer). Studies carried out in humans suggest diabetic patients taking the drug have minimal chances of getting cancer than if they didn’t take the drug. Using Metformin may inhibit the growth colon, breast, lung, prostate and pancreatic cancer cells. What’s more, a recent study argues that individuals on the therapy have a minimal risk of open-angle glaucoma by 21 %. Interestingly, people with type II diabetes on the drug have better sleep and in case they have an occurrence of sleep apnea, it becomes less severe. It’s also considered good for bone density and as the anti-aging drug, well if want to age slowly, why not consider using Metformin?


For one to get the most from the drug, exercise and healthy eating are vital. If possible, avoid processed foods. It’s hard to adopt a lifestyle of dieting and exercising, so you can join a support group for accountability and motivation.


Side Effects


From the above discussion, Metformin health benefits are innumerable; however, this doesn’t mean you won’t experience undesirable effects. The good thing is that the negative effects are temporal and mild. After the body adjusts to the drug, the unfavorable effects clear without medical intervention. Nonetheless, if the side effects of this medication are severe and irritating, it’s advisable to consult the health care provider. The following are the negative effects one may encounter while on the medication:


  • Loss of appetite
  • Full feeling
  • Vomiting 
  • Heartburn 
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Passing of gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever or chills


The physician may give remedies to reduce or prevent the unwanted effects, for example, taking a lower dose or an extended-release tablet, for more information on this refer to the medical care provider.


In Conclusion


If the doctor has recently prescribed the medication, have a discussion on Metformin benefits and side effects. If the advantages outweigh the potential risks, it’s worth taking it. The drug has kept a good success record; research has proved the drug has many advantages beyond controlling blood glucose levels. Give the medicine a trial and you will reap the benefits.

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Benefits Of Metformin Therapy
Metformin is more popular than the comparable drugs and it’s available in generic and brand version. The drug has numerous benefits since its uses are many
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