The Best Fertility Diet

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Not all cases and issues related to infertility can be blamed to women. Research indicates that infertility issue is 50/50 where male are partially responsible for half of the case. According to the recent survey, infertility cases in men accounts for about thirty percent of couple’s infertility problems. The varying factors which affect infertility on the hand accounts for another twenty percent. Whether you are male or female and you are looking for natural ways to increase your fertility continue reading as the underlying insights on healthy fertility diet are outlined further in this article.


To start with it is important to mention that infertility in men is caused by a variety of factors. These factors include genetic disorder, hormonal imbalance, anatomical issues and sperm abnormalities (that is poor sperm motility, athenospermia, oligospermia, teraspermia or abnormal sperm morphology). Other factors which cause infertility in women such as alcohol, smoking and caffeine can also affect men.


Many couples experience infertility problems as statistics indicates in the past years. Before considering a medical treatment which is more expensive, most of them find it easier to consider fertility healthy diet as one of the most significant step. In fact, following a fertility diet strictly from early stages is the only way to reduce the risk of infertility problems in men. A good fertility in men basically is taking kinds of foods that work by boosting their fertility.


Fertility Diet Comprises of the Following Foods

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  1. Oysters – oysters contain high zinc content which is considered as one of the paramount baby making ingredients. Zinc helps to boost up the levels of testosterone and sperm production by the body. Zinc can be got from taking foods like beans, whole grains, beef, nuts, dairy, eggs and poultry.
  2. Fruits and vegetables – cranberries, collard green dried fruits are very rich in anti-oxidants that help to protect sperm from what is referred to as cellular damage keeping them speedy and strong. Also include the sources that are rich in Vitamin A and things like folic acid, such as apricots, carrots and leafy greens. For sperm motility, you need to boost your vitamin supply by taking grapefruit, oranges, tomatoes and broccoli.
  3. Pomegranate Juice – pomegranate is another fertility diet that you should include in your diet if you are looking to boost up sperm production.
  4. Pumpkin seeds – this seeds are rich in essential fatty acids and omega 3, they stimulate blood during sexual intercourse to the sexual organs. This enhances sexual functions while increase the body’s production of testosterone hence quality sperm production in overall. Other foods such salmons, flaxseed, sardines and almonds are also a good source of essential fatty acids and omega 3. You can consider taking either of the mentioned fertility diet foods to improve your fertility levels.


Finally, it is important to mention that new research indicates that lowering carbohydrates intake or removing them completely from your diet can improve your fertility. Fertility healthy diet experts say that this refined sugars and carbs are found in most processed foods such as pasta, breakfast cereals, white rice and white bread. Lowering carbohydrates intake or removing them is another way of preparing to conceive.

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The Best Fertility Diet
In fact, following a fertility diet strictly from early stages is the only way to reduce the risk of infertility problems in men.
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