Bladder Cancer Causes and Symptoms

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Bladder Cancer Causes and Symptoms

For many years, there has been an intense debate as to whether diabetes drug Actos can cause bladder cancer prompting many research institutions and drug experts to conduct numerous studies. in the event of the research, the drug’s manufacturers have distanced themselves from Actos bladder cancer debate.


The results of the study almost indicate the same thing: there is a link between the use of diabetic drugs and the likelihood of one getting bladder cancer.


In mid-2015, Food and Drug Administration warned patients who use Actos that there exists a risk of bladder cancer if they continue to consume their regular dose for a longer period. In fact, FDA warned that the risk is at 40 per cent. But you may ask, what is bladder cancer? What causes it? How will you know that you are actually developing bladder cancer? These are important questions worthy answers.


Bladder cancer facts


It has been said that it is among the most prevalent types of cancers in the U.S. In 2015 alone, more than 16, 000 people died from this type of cancer in the United States of America alone. In addition, an estimation of more than 74, 000 other people were diagnosed with bladder cancer that year, said ACS.


According to medical professionals, the number is likely to increase fast if drastic measures are not taken to contain the situation.


Bladder cancer causes


It is a conventional truth that inhaling toxins will put one at the risk of contracting bladder cancer. Although Actos manufacturers have refuted claims that the drug is posing dangers to its users, there is ample reason to believe that persistent use of Actos may lead to bladder cancer.


This is based on the argument that Actos is taken daily. Besides, it is a carcinogenic substance, which puts one’s bladder at risk.


Medical professionals also argue that the following may cause bladder cancer:


  • Age-as you age, the risk of bladder cancer are high. Most of the reported cases involve people with over 55 years
  • Gender-several cases in the past have involved men
  • Overexposure to toxins and carcinogenic substances
  • Ones race is also a factor-African Americans as well as Caucasians are at a higher risk than their Indian American, Hispanic, and Asians counterparts are
  • Smoking-it is the major cause of an individual developing bladder cancer
  • History-many victims, who now suffer from bladder cancer, have been diagnosed with bladder or cancer problems before


Symptoms of bladder cancer


At first, you may not know that you may develop Actos bladder cancer because the signs do not present themselves as serious issues regarding your bladder.


Therefore, the following signs may indicate that you may be at risk of the problem:

  • Change in urinal routine
  • There may be blood or spots of blood in the urine (Hematuria)
  • Lower abdominal pains also indicate the likelihood of developing bladder cancer
  • Lumbago
  • Bladder infections
  • Pain during urination


It is good to note that some of the above signs may be as a result of overuse of the drug. However, you should not underestimate any sign. Whether Actos bladder cancer is the real sole cause of bladder cancer remain a puzzle that will be solved by several medical experiments.

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Bladder Cancer Causes and Symptoms
For many years, there has been an intense debate as to whether diabetes drugs Actos can cause bladder cancer prompting many research institutions and drug experts to conduct numerous studies
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