Effective Fertility Drugs & Treatments

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Fertility drugs are one of the most convenient medications used to treat infertility cases. There are available both for women and men are prescribed depending on the diagnosis. Most fertility drugs are administered with other treatments such as (IUI) intrauterine insemination and (IVF) Vitro Fertilization that are readily available in the fertility pharmacy. For women, fertility drugs serve either to strengthen the process of ovulation or to start it such that there is at least one or more multiple eggs per cycle.


The use of these drugs arises from some of the fertility malfunctions such as having an irregular cycle; totally unpredictable ovulation or producing none/ very few eggs. Other complex cases such as failure of the pituitary glands which control the production of hormones can also be maintained and stimulated for proper ovulation.


Under certain circumstances, fertility drugs are prescribed for men to boost their sexual potency. Such cases include; antibiotics used to treat inflammation and infections or gonadotrophins prescribed where very less or no sperm are produced at all. Some drugs that help to close the bladder neck are prescribed for those having problems with sperm ejaculation into the bladder instead of the penis; a case termed as retrograde ejaculation.


Various medications are available for use with the common fertility drugs from fertility pharmacy for fast and effective results. Repronex, Gonal F, Lupron, and crinone are some of the most common and widely used fertility drugs. Intrauterine insemination as one of the fertility treatments has stood the test of time and currently available for use with the best of satisfactions and guaranteed safety.


Intrauterine insemination


This is a laboratory procedure conducted for the purpose of reinforcing fertility in human beings. The process involves separating fast-moving sperm from the non-moving sperm either with the donor sperm or the partner’s sperm. What follows is the placing of male sperm inside a female’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. The main goal of this laboratory procedure is to boost the sperm count reaching the Fallopian tube to facilitate fertilization.


IUI is usually applicable where there is a difficulty in having vaginal intercourse due to a psycho-sexual problem or physical disability. In other cases, this procedure is applicable where a man is HIV positive and has undergone relevant sperm washing to minimize the risk of passing the virus to the partner and the potential child.


Before conducting the laboratory procedure, it’s mandatory to confirm first if the Fallopian tube is healthy and open. A tubal patency test if conducted for appropriate assessment prior to the IUI treatment. Laparoscopy may also be involved in the operation where a dye is injected into the cervix to check for any blockages in the pelvis using a telescope with an attached camera.


Where fertility drugs are used to boost and stimulate the ovulation process, proper ultrasound scans are necessary to track the formation of eggs. As soon as the egg matures, a hormone injection is administered to stimulate the release. It takes some hours later for the sperm to be inserted but before that, a Speculum will always be inserted first to keep the vaginal walls apart.


The best quality sperm will then be brought down the womb through the cervix using a catheter. While in the fertility pharmacy, be keen to check on those drugs that are compatible with the kind of treatment to pick before proceeding with the operation.

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Effective Fertility Drugs & Treatments
While in the fertility pharmacy, be keen to check on those drugs that are compatible with the kind of treatment to pick before proceeding with
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