What is Endometrin And Its Side Effects?

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Endometrin And Its Side Effects

You are on fertility treatment and the doctor has prescribed Endometrin. You were in a hurry to leave to attend to some urgent, important matter, so you were unable to ask the doctor question concerning the drug.


What is Endometrin?


It is a vaginal insert that contains progesterone 100 mg. progesterone is a female reproductive hormone. This medicine raises the levels of progesterone as you use fertility treatments since fertility medications lower progesterone levels. In the course of use, you are at risk of Endometrin side effects. However, the good thing is that the benefits are many as compared to the negative effects. Also, your doctor is aware of the unwanted effects, but has judged you will experience the advantages of the drug rather than its unwanted effects. Trust his judgment, he is the expertise.


How to Use

Endometrin Progesterone 100 mg

Apart from preparing the uterine lining and sustaining a pregnancy, the drug is also used to:


  • Treat ovarian dysfunction – it can be reversed by taking Endometrin to trigger ovulation or normalize ovulation.
  • Prevent uterine growths that are abnormal.
  • To treat long and heavy periods – Hormonal imbalance can cause excessive bleeding due to deficiency of progesterone. Using this medication balances the hormones.
  • To manage postmenopausal symptoms – Endometrin ease symptoms like hot flashes, and night sweats.


The drug can be used in different situations, but whichever the case, you will be at risk of negative effects. How is the medication used? Go through the leaflet that comes with the drug, if you have any queries, you can contact the doctor. Use this medication as prescribed; strictly follow the instructions on the prescription label. Don’t take an under dose or an overdose, nor extend the period than recommended.


Remember the following as you use the drug:


  • The medicine must be administered through the vagina; never take it through the mouth.
  • Use the applicator given to insert it in your vagina. Normally, it is inserted two to three times per day or as prescribed by the doctor. Use the applicator once and discard. Never reuse an applicator.
  • Opt to use this medication during bedtime to minimize Endometrin suppositories side effects dizziness and drowsiness.
  • Check your breasts on a regular basis for breast lumps. If you detect a lump, visit a heath facility immediately.
  • It is expected to experience vaginal discharge for some days once you start using the medication. If you are worried about the discharge, talk to your doctor to relieve you from anxiety.
  • Keep tablets at room temperature and keep off from moisture, heat or light.
  • If you miss a dose, take it immediately you remember, however, if the next dose is in a few hours time, leave out the skipped dose. Don’t double dose to make up for the omitted dose as this can worsen the drug negative effects. If you skip more than one dose, inform your doctor.
  • Avoid using vaginal drugs before or after inserting Endometrin, stay for six hours, but other vagina medicines should be approved by the doctor.


Side Effects


Endometrin negative effects are many. They vary from one person to another. Genetic makeup, medical history, existing health conditions, and medications you have used in the past, the dose of the drug prescribed and for how long are determinants of the side effects of Endometrin.


Outlined below are the negative effects that you are likely to face:


  • Breast lumps
  • Skin and eyes turning yellow
  • Swelling of the ankles and feet
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Vaginal itching
  • Regular night-time urination
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Reduced low libido
  • Painful intercourse
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Breast pain or swelling
  • Constipation 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Bloating


The listed unwanted effects comprise of rare, common and severe unfavorable side effects. Many people who have used this fertility drug have not recorded serious negative effects. However, if you note vaginal bleeding, depression, swelling of ankles, yellowing of eyes and breast lump tell your physician right away. If you face other negative effects apart from those listed above, contact the doctor. This medication has similar side effects of other medications containing progesterone such as Crinone  8% Vaginal Gel. Ask your doctor in advance of the expected undesirable effects. Take note of the negative effects which don’t require medical intervention; they will go away on their own as your body adjusts to Endometrin. You will be prepared beforehand to tackle the effects if they occur and you will determine when to visit the hospital.


Precautions to Take


To make sure you get the most benefit of Endometrin, there are measures you must take to prevent severe negative effects such as:


  • If you are allergic to Progesterone, have other allergies, this medication is not suitable for you. Inform the doctor to give you an alternative medication.
  • Your medical history is crucial if you have a history of liver disease, kidney disease, blood clots, heart attacks or any other condition affecting your general health, let the doctor know to decide if the medication is suitable for you.
  • The drug can cause drowsiness and dizziness. If it happens, restrain from activities that need concentration, such as, driving machinery. Avoid alcohol intake as it worsens drowsiness. Alcohol interacts with Endometrin making the side effects severe and troublesome.
  • Although blood clots are a rare, serious side effect of Endometrin, it can be provoked if you sit on a chair or stay in bed for long hours. You are even in more danger if your work entails traveling long distances. Inform your physician beforehand since you may require frequent observations from your doctor.
  • Don’t use the medication to treat any condition other than the condition the doctor prescribed for you.
  • Any time you visit the hospital due to an illness, inform the doctor you are on Endometrin to prevent drug interactions and result in adverse its unwanted effects.


Finally, Endometrin is efficient and effective if you adhere to the precautions and the doctor’s prescription. If you need any clarification, get in contact with the doctor.The drug has a good track of record and it has worked for many.

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What is Endometrin And Its Side Effects?
Endometrin side effects are many. They vary from one person to another. Genetic makeup, medical history, existing health conditions, and medications you have used in the past, the dose of the drug prescribed and for how long are determinants of the side effects of Endometrin.
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