Fertility Drugs Online FAQ

Do I need a prescription to order fertility drugs online?


Most of the products available on Fertility Drugs Online are prescription medications, so you need a valid prescription to place an order. Selected products, such as ovulation tests, do not require a prescription.


Do I need to send you my prescription?


Yes, we do need to receive your prescription so that one of our partner pharmacies can fulfill your order. To speed up the ordering process you can send us a copy electronically.


How do I order fertility drugs?


Once you have a prescription, you can fill in an online order or phone to place your order for fertility drugs. We will then pass your information on to one of our partner pharmacies to fulfill your order once they receive a copy of your prescription. You can find more information in our How to Order details.


How much do I pay for shipping?


When you order fertility drugs on Fertility Drugs Online, shipping is free! If you live outside the continental U.S., or if you want express shipping, additional fees may apply. Selected add-on, over-the-counter products may not ship for free on their own, but shipping is free with the purchase of a prescription fertility drug. You can find more information in our Shipping and Returns Policy.


How do I pay for my order?


You can pay for your fertility drugs using a Visa or Mastercard credit card. All prices are listed in and will be billed in U.S. dollars.


Can I cancel my order?


If you have received the happy news of a pregnancy or need to cancel your order for any other reason, let us know immediately. If we have not yet shipped your order, we can cancel it and refund your credit card.


Can I return my order?


We are sure you will be happy with your fertility drugs, whether brand name or generic, but if you are not satisfied with your order let us know. We will give you instructions on how to return your order. Prescription drugs cannot be resold but one of our partner pharmacies will dispose of them appropriately. You can find more information in our Shipping and Returns Policy.


Does Fertility Drugs Online offer price matching?


If you have found a lower price for your fertility drugs, let us know. We will do our best to match that price for you.


When will I receive my order?


One of our partner pharmacies will send your order within two days of receiving your prescription and other relevant information. You should usually receive your order within a week or two, and if you have not received your package within three weeks, let us know. We also provide tracking information so you have a better idea of your order status at any given time.


What is the difference between a brand name or generic fertility drug?


Generic drugs are biosimilar to brand name drugs. This means that they have the same performance, quality, and safety as their brand name counterpart. They usually cost less without the brand name packaging.


Where does Fertility Drugs Online get its products?


Fertility Drugs Online is not a pharmacy, but we partner with licensed pharmacies in Canada to fulfill your order. We pass your order and prescription information on to one of our partner pharmacies who then ship your fertility drugs right from their licensed facility.


What is the difference between fertility drugs from Canada and the U.S.?


When you order your fertility drugs from Canada, they may have different packaging or look slightly different from the same drug in the U.S. However, they are the same strength, performance, and quality. Canada has high standards in health care and pharmaceutical manufacturing, similar to the U.S.


Why do fertility drugs on Fertility Drugs Online cost less than at other pharmacies?


We work with pharmacies in Canada to find you affordable prices for your fertility drugs. Due to regulations in Canada that limit how much pharmaceutical companies can charge for these drugs, our partner pharmacies are able to provide these medications cheaper than other local pharmacies.


Is it safe to order fertility drugs online?


When you order drugs through Fertility Drugs Online, our partner pharmacies ship you the brand name or generic products you select from their licensed pharmacy. Your credit card and other personal information is protected as outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions policy.


How do I contact Fertility Drugs Online?


You can contact Fertility Drugs Online by email, by phone, or by filling out an online form. You can contact a customer service representative by phone Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5PM EST. You can also email or order through our website at any time.