How To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

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How To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

After waiting for long to meet the man of your dreams, it finally came to be. You had a colorful wedding, or just did a civil wedding or opted to settle down without involving people. After all, you were conscious of your actions and ready for marriage. You were sure you would get pregnant within the first months of the union. Almost three months have passed without any success. You feel pressured and always asking yourself “How do I increase my chances of getting pregnant.” But don’t be pressured, you are not alone. Experts have found out for some couples it is easy, but for some, it isn’t. According to fertility experts, you should only seek medical help after a year has passed without bearing fruits. So, you have a year to try ways to increase chances of getting pregnant. The best thing is to understand what happens in your body as a woman to increase your chances of getting pregnant throughout the month. At birth, you have one to two million eggs. These are the only eggs you will have in your entire lifespan. Shocked? That is the truth and experts agree that it’s nature. 


Phases of monthly cycle


Phases of monthly cycle

  • 1st phase- you monthly period

The inner membrane of your uterus is shed out every month. The phase lasts for three to seven days for many women. On the 3rd day, the endometrium is rebuilt as estrogen and progesterone rise. Around day four, ovaries begin preparing eggs to be released during ovulation. Chances of becoming pregnant are almost zero.

  • 2nd phase pre-ovulation

It is the stage after the monthly period has stopped. Fertility women specialists recommend having sex at least two or three times a week. But having sex on a daily basis is what can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Why is this so? Around the 7th day of menstrual cycle, you can notice a vaginal discharge that springs if you touch it. After a few days, the mucus is white and creamy, and this is a favorable environment for the sperm to live for five days if the cervical mucus is fertile. The ovaries are yet to release the egg, but ovulation is about to happen. Chances of getting pregnant are good.

  • 3rd phase-ovulation

It is a perfect time for conception. Usually, ovulation occurs 14 days before the next period. If ovulating, your basal temperature rises. An ovulation kit comes in handy to test if you are ovulating. The cervical mucus resembles the egg whites and is very consistency. Having sex within 24 hours is on the list of things to do to increase chances of getting pregnant. An egg may survive for 12 to 24 hours. Chances of getting pregnant are extremely high if you can detect ovulation and have intercourse.

  • 4th phase-post ovulation

It is known as the luteal phase. It lasts between 12 to 16 days. Levels of progesterone start to rise, and the ovaries don’t release any other egg for that particular month. Cervical mucus dries up creating a barrier to hinder sperms from accessing the uterus. Chances of getting pregnant are very low. Though you can continue having sex, after all, there isn’t any harm. You can take a test later to know if you are pregnant, if positive you must be excited. If negative, there are other ways of how to increase chances of getting pregnant. Monitor your monthly cycle by charting it so that you can detect ovulation.


Tips to increase chances of getting pregnant


How can a woman increase her chances of getting pregnant? The following tips are elaborated to help you understand how to increase the chances of getting pregnant:


  • Maintain a healthy body weight

healthy body weight

Being overweight can lower chances of getting pregnant, but being too thin is even harder for you. According to research, if overweight, it can take you twice to conceive compared to women with normal body mass index( BMI). At the same time, if underweight, it may take four times to become pregnant. Still, a lot of fat produce too much estrogen, and estrogen may interfere with ovulation.

  • Lower strenuous workouts

Lower strenuous workouts

Taking regular exercise throughout the week is healthy for you. The exercises prepare your body for pregnancy and labor, as well as maintain a healthy weight. However, strenuous workouts and activity may interfere with ovulation. Without ovulation, pregnancy can’t occur. If planning to get pregnant, exercise, but in moderation.

  • Do away with smoking


Smoking is a cause of infertility in men and women. Nicotine and carbon are chemicals in cigarettes that lead to the loss of female egg in a quick manner. Quit smoking cigarettes, marijuana, and any other recreational drug so that you increase chances of getting pregnant.

  • Create a home and work environment that is friendly 

home and work environment that is friendly

Stress can hinder conception. As a woman, learn to manage stress and increase chances of conception. Avoid frequent exposures to pollutants at home and at work as they can lower your fertility.

  • Take prenatal vitamins

prenatal vitamins

Take prenatal vitamins to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Eating healthy raises chances of conception. Prenatal vitamins are part of a healthy diet.

  • Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

You may underestimate fluid intake (preferably water), but it is very beneficial to enable the cervical mucus to flow; if you aren’t hydrated, the mucus becomes sluggish.


What Foods to increase your chances of getting pregnant?


Are you still asking yourself “How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?” There are foods to increase chances of getting pregnant and can be incorporated into your daily diet. According to a study carried done by Harvard Medical School some factors are beyond your control for example age and genetics. However, eating some foods and avoiding others can be part of your lifestyle. The following foods will aid and increase chances of becoming pregnant:


  • Folic acid

Folic acid foods

Your diet should be rich in folic acid. Folic acid is beneficial to ensure a healthy pregnancy and reduce chances of defects on the fetus. Food rich in folic acid is whole grains, fortified cereals, citrus fruits, and vegetables.

  • Proteins of high quality

high quality protein

Eating a diet with high-quality proteins increases chances of becoming pregnant. Eating eggs, white meat like fish and poultry are animal sources. Eggs yolks are rich in choline; choline is effective in reducing harmful genes that may cause deformities to the fetus if you become pregnant. For vegetarian, beans, legumes and soy products provide high-quality proteins.

  • Omega 3 fatty foods

Omega 3 fatty foods

While pregnant, omega 3 is good for brain development of the baby. While trying to conceive, omega three fatty foods keep you healthy and ensure proper functioning of your hormones.

  • Dairy products

Dairy products

Taking dairy products are essential to ensure adequate calcium and protein to prepare your body for pregnancy. The best dairy products must be high-fat dairy like whole milk.

  • Oysters


Oysters are rich in zinc. Zinc is essential for conception. If you don’t take in zinc, your menstrual cycle can be disrupted hence slow egg production. If the oyster is not your favorite, opt for beef, nuts dairy, eggs and whole grains as they contain zinc although in small amounts.


In conclusion, your question “How to increase my chances of getting pregnant?” has been answered. You have to follow the tips and the foods that can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Before you know it, you will be pregnant. However, if you fail to get pregnant after a year, seek medical intervention to explore other options.

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How To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant
The following tips are elaborated to help you understand how to increase the chances of getting pregnant.
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