Importance Of Cetrotide Injection

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cetrotide injection

For any organism to get into the best condition of ripening or maturation, it must first be subjected to full growth and development. Imagine a fruit picked from the tree prior complete development, if put on a shelf, the fruit may ripen (mature) while on the shelf. Interestingly, it will look enticing as though it had gone through proper growth and maturation; truth be told, the fruit will be of poor quality when compared to a fruit which matured before it was plucked from the tree. This implies that if you want to eat a good quality fruit, one has to be patient for the fruit to grow and mature on the tree and only pick it once it has ripened; these principles are applicable to the development and maturation of a woman’s eggs. Continue reading for a clear understanding.


The Use of Cetrotide in Ovarian Stimulation


Human eggs have to be given adequate time to grow to maturity. A good quality egg means it’s viable for fertilization resulting in a healthy embryo. Ovarian stimulation protocols are directed towards follicle and egg development. A strategic individualized approach for controlled ovarian stimulation is crucial and the timing when it comes to giving fertility medication. Since the premature release of the eggs can occur while on fertility treatment, this injection is used to prevent this.


What is Cetrotide?


It is a man-made hormone and belongs to the class of medicine known as GnRH antagonists or simply antagonists. It is a newer medication, though it has gained popularity as it’s easy to use and effective. Cetrotide is used to regulate luteinizing hormone. Women with PCOS may have elevated levels of LH and may lead to the release of an egg before maturity; therefore, the doctor may prescribe the Cetrotide drug to delay LH surges on ovulation if one is undergoing assisted reproductive technology, like IVF. The medication is available in the form of a powder for a solution containing 0.25 Cetrorelix as the active ingredient and it is administered by injection.


Ovarian stimulation is an important stage in IVF fertility treatment. During Cetrotide IVF protocol other drugs may be used such as HCG and FSH with an aim of collecting many mature eggs from the ovaries. Ovarian stimulation is a complex process and in vitro fertilization cycle may be stressful, especially if one is going through it for the first time. To relieve the stress, request the fertility specialist, to elaborate the stages of IVF and the medications to be used in different stages. If the fertility expert has given a patient the chance to self-administer Cetrotide injection, the patient must follow his guidelines; if uncertain, give the doctor a call to confirm. Cetrotide 0.25 mg is taken once per day. It’s started on the fifth or the sixth day of stimulation and the use may continue for a number of days as guided by the fertility specialist. Ovarian stimulation may take 8 to 14 days, to trigger the ovaries to produce several mature eggs. Nonetheless, the stimulation period may take longer if the follicles mature slowly.


Side Effects


The following are some potential side effects linked to ovarian stimulation or Cetrotide side effects:


  • High chances of multiple births because of many eggs 
  • An increased risk of a miscarriage or premature delivery
  • Breast tenderness
  • Reaction on the injection site like swelling and pain
  • Mood swings and may lead to depression
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Ectopic pregnancy


If you have chosen Cetrotide IVF, prior using the medication it’s good to do the following:


  1. Go for a reliable medical team with a good record; you will constantly contact them and they need to be available
  2. Make arrangements to travel for ultrasounds and blood test and discuss the outcome with the medical team
  3. Comprehend the process and don’t allow stress to take control of your emotions, be prepared mentally, it may take some time before conception


Proper Use




  1. Take the medication as prescribed by the physician, for example, if the doctor has directed taking the injection on day five, the day the periods starts is day one, on the fifth day take the right dosage daily for the number of days ordered.
  2. Use the proper method to prepare the drug; you can refer to the leaflet with patient information
  3. Use a clean area to prepare for the injection and wash hands with soapy water
  4. Strictly follow the guidelines on how to give the injection, remember to dispose of injection materials used as shown by the doctor or nurse
  5. The preferred injection spot is the lower abdomen, some few inches below the navel; rotate injection sites (alternate side of the lower abdomen) to curb soreness. If need be, use other injection spots as directed.
  6. After taking the last dose of Cetrotide, inform the doctor for him or her to schedule for human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) – it’s given as a single dosage, the following day after Cetrotide injection, time is of the essence for the HCG injection
  7. Store the drug away from children, in a tightly closed container at room temperature. Keep away from heat, direct light, and moisture




  1. To take precaution, before using any medicine, inform the medical health care provider of the medical history, this is also applicable to Cetrotide injection. For example, if you have existing allergies, you may react to the ingredients of the drug.
  2. During pregnancy, the medicine shouldn’t be used at any semester since the risks outweigh the benefits in – It can lead to fetal abnormalities.
  3. For breastfeeding mothers, there isn’t any evidence to show if the drug can harm the baby. The physician will help you make an informed decision if to use the medication or not.
  4. The drug is intended to be used for women of childbearing age, seniors and children shouldn’t use the medication.
  5. Cetrotide may interact with other medications. Inform the doctor about all the drugs and supplements you are on to avoid possible interactions. Even caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or street drugs can lead to drug interaction. Depending on your situation, the physician may recommend you stop taking some of the medicines, change the drugs or continue with all the drugs. If the medical practitioner gives you the go ahead of taking all the medications, he will give management strategies in case drug interaction takes place.


In Conclusion


Finally, before ovarian stimulation is started, a woman’s ovarian reserve is determined; an ovarian reserve is the number of eggs available in a woman’s ovaries. It is done to predict the best protocol of ovarian stimulation that would yield quality eggs and follicles as well. Once the selection of the protocol is done, the fertility specialist chooses the ideal Cetrotide IVF protocol. If a woman will need to go through repeated cycles, the doctor will put her in a resting cycle for at least one month. During the resting period, between in vitro fertilization, the ovaries will recover awaiting the next stimulation. Fertility medication requires financial commitments, thus Cetrotide cost will vary from one pharmacy to another. Your fertility doctor may have been in the field for a considerable length of time, he can refer you to the best pharmacy to buy Cetrotide.

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Importance Of Cetrotide Injection
It is a newer medication, though it has gained popularity as it’s easy to use and effective. Cetrotide is used to regulate luteinizing hormone
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