Is It Possible Getting Pregnant With PCOS?

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Is It Possible Getting Pregnant With PCOS

After countless trips to the fertility expert, he has diagnosed you with PCOS. Not to mention the time and resources in monetary terms you have invested; you have spent a fortune. The reason you have been seeing a fertility specialist is the failure to conceive.


What is PCOS?


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects women; the levels of the sex hormones estrogens and progesterone get out of balance. If you have PCOS, you have androgen in excess. Eventually, ovarian cysts (small masses on the ovaries) grow.


PCOS can cause Infertility because of the following:


  • You may not ovulate most of the time
  • You have irregular periods instead of predictable monthly periods
  • Your eggs don’t develop properly and don’t fully ripen
  • In case ovulation occurs, your endometrium (lining of your uterus) may not be adequately prepared to sustain the pregnancy


Chances of getting pregnant with PCOS using medications


Due to the reasons above, you may experience ovulation disorders and infertility- thus, getting pregnant with PCOS is extremely hard. But what are the chances of getting pregnant with PCOS? The good news is that you should seek medical help getting pregnant with PCOS. You can attain a pregnancy with PCOS if you use fertility treatment. Usually, treatment is used to induce ovulation The fertility options for you include:


  • Metformin

Metformin 850 mg

Although it is an oral drug to control diabetes, doctors prescribe it to treat ovulation problems. It can be used alone or with Clomid. Evidence portrays that it is successful in inducing ovulation or regulating ovulation.

  • Clomid

Clomid 50 mg

If you don’t conceive while on Metformin, your fertility doctor may prescribe using Metformin and Clomid together to induce ovulation. It can also be used alone to induce ovulation. If you can’t ovulate without using drugs you have a condition called anovulation.

  • Femara (Letrozole)

Femara low cost

The drug is an aromatase inhibitor drug. It works by suppressing estrogen levels and stimulates the body to produce a lot of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). FSH is essential in ovulation. If you can ovulate on your own and use Femara, it results to multiple eggs, and chances of getting pregnant with PCOS are extremely high. You can end up having twins or even triplets. That’s great. Still, you can use Femara after using Clomid to help you get pregnant.

  • Gonadotropins

When oral medication fails, the fertility specialist may recommend injectable gonadotropins (hormones given as shots). You will receive the shots on a daily basis for seven to 14 days. The treatment is costly and may result in multiple pregnancies. You will undergo laboratory tests frequently as well as ultrasounds to monitor the response of the treatment. You can get pregnant as mature follicles will grow and ovulation will take place.

  • Ovulation drilling

Ovulation drilling

You can use it after the medications have failed. It is a surgery used to remove or destroy the cyst. It aids in increasing the chances of getting pregnant with PCOS. The surgeon cuts (the cut is small) your abdomen and inserts a laparoscope (a long thin tube). Then, with the help of a needle with electric current, the surgeon destroys part of your ovary. As a result, estrogen levels decreases improving ovulation.

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

It is the last option if all the options fail. The sperm and the egg are placed in a laboratory dish for fertilization to occur outside the body. The fertility expert then places the fertilized egg in the uterus. IVF offers you an excellent opportunity to become a mother. It is ideal for controlling multiple births.


Tips for getting pregnant with PCOS naturally


You may prefer getting pregnant naturally with PCOS. Gynecologist recommends adopting lifestyle changes as the first option in trying to get pregnant with PCOS. The following tips increase chances of getting pregnant with PCOS without medication:

  • Weight loss

Weight loss

One of the symptoms of PCOS is overweight or being obese because of hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance. Therefore, the 1st natural therapy is to shed the excess fat and calories. Losing weight restores fertility and getting pregnant with PCOS is possible. Also, it can aid you in responding well to fertility treatment.

  • Adopt a low glycemic diet

glycemic diet

It is an eating plan that shows you how foods can affect the levels of your blood sugars. If your diet contains carbohydrates with low glycemic index; the carbs with low (GI) stabilizes blood glucose, induce ovulation and regulates your menstrual cycle. Such foods keep your blood glucose stable and for long since the foods needs a lot of time to break down and be digested.

  • Exercise

Exercise pregnancy

Exercising every day is a good step to deal with PCOS. Exercise is crucial in lowering insulin resistance and helps you attain a good BMI. Exercise also balances your hormones and induces ovulation.

  • Eat vegetables


Incorporate cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kales, and cabbages in your diet. When the body breaks down cruciferous vegetable diindolylmethane is generated. Hence, periods and estrogen levels are normalized.

  • Take vitamin D

 vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial for cell growth. Vitamin D deficiency is common if you have PCOS, and may be a cause of infertility. Consumption of vitamin D leads to the growth of eggs in your ovaries. Don’t underestimate basking under bright sunlight even for few minutes.


PCOS and pregnancy


From the above, it is true that you can get pregnant with PCOS. Well, if you manage to conceive, you may experience some complications namely:


  • Gestational diabetes
  • Prenatal depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia


For you to be in a position to detect the above conditions, look out for the following PCOS and pregnancy symptoms:


  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches


Pregnancy and PCOS pose some risks. For example, you may have a miscarriage. However, PCOS and pregnancy success is achievable if you work together with your doctor to come up with a plan of action to effectively deal with the risks if they happen. For example, the doctor may perform a C-section in case of pre-term babies. If you are over 30 years of age, you may be wondering if getting pregnant with PCOS after 30 is achievable. It is possible; although you should be concerned about which treatment is effective for you. In conclusion, it is possible getting pregnant with PCOS. You can prefer the natural ways or opt for medication. Before you know it you will be holding a bundle of joy in your arms. That’s awesome. wish you well.


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Is It Possible Getting Pregnant With PCOS?
Gynecologist recommends adopting lifestyle changes as the first option in trying to get pregnant with PCOS.
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