IVF Medications and Multiple Pregnancy

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IVF Medications, Multiple Pregnancy

The ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) methods were initially introduced for the welfare of infertile couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving naturally and need medical help to conceive baby artificially. Since these methods are discovered there has been a huge increase in births along with some risks as well like multiple pregnancy.Whether you are going through IVF medications, Surrogacy, Egg Donation or any other fertility treatments, all should have main aim to give birth a healthy baby with minimum risk to the mother. To maintain this aim, most clinics are encouraged by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to be able to select single embryo transfer wherever possible.


Those undergoing through IVF medications have more risks associated with twins or multiple pregnancy. Multiple pregnancy usually results in one baby dying in case of twins or having a significantly disability. And also increase health problems for mother. However single embryo transfer will reduce this risk.


IVF Process


In Vitro Fertilization is a proven miracle method for several infertile couples looking forward to conceive a baby artificially as they are unable to do so naturally. Starting from prescribing fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries of female partner in order to increase the production of eggs, the treatment is often recommended when couple is unable to conceive via other medical procedure. Throughout the whole procedure the natural cycle of female is shutting down and controlling everything by fertility medications.


Once eggs are matured and ready to retrieve, doctors remove eggs from ovary via small surgery monitored by ultrasound. The retrieved eggs are then treated with sperm (obtained from male partner or sperm donor). Then they kept for 3 to 5 days in laboratory and resulting embryos are implanted into female womb. Sometimes to ensure the treatment success, more than one or two embryos are implanted which results in multiple pregnancy.

IVF process

This is the reason why single embryo transfer is recommended but putting back single embryo will often reduce your chances of success. Although placing more than one embryo does not double your chances of success but does maximize the chances of multiple pregnancy and its associated risks as well. This is the reason your doctor may suggest you to go with single embryo transfer if you are under 35 and have had any successful IVF cycle with good quality embryos.


However the qualities of your embryos will be assess by the embryologists prior transferring them into female womb. Only best quality and healthy embryo will be implanted and if some embryos left, will be frozen for future use.


The multiple birth risks increased significantly with the introduction of fertility medications and advanced fertility treatments like IVF medications. Do you know a woman undergoing In Vitro Fertilization has 10 times higher chances of carrying twins and triplets in single pregnancy. Having twins or triplets often results in having health problems in born baby and sometimes leads to death.In order to reduce this risk, the embryos are now kept for 6 days until they reach their Blastocyst stage as only few embryos may remain viable at this stage and thus ensure successful pregnancy.

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IVF Medications and Multiple Pregnancy
Multiple pregnancy usually results in one baby dying in case of twins or having a significantly disability.
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