Lupron For Endometriosis Treatment

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Lupron For Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis is a painful ailment in which the tissue of the uterus lining (endometrium) grows outside the womb. The condition, mostly affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes and tissue lining the pelvis. However, on rare occasion, endometriosis may go beyond the pelvic organs. With the disorder, the displaced uterus lining tissue continues to behave as it normally does; the tissue thickens, breaks down as well as bleeds during the menstrual cycle each month. The unfortunate thing is the displaced tissue becomes trapped in the body since there is no way it can exit the body, so this leads to internal bleeding and inflammation, which may cause pain, scar tissue formation, adhesions, infertility and difficult bowel movement. Women with the condition experience pain, particularly during their menses. Symptoms of the disorder vary from one patient to another and may include:

  • Heavy and painful periods
  • Pain in the lower back or pelvis and lower abdomen
  • Painful intercourse
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Difficulty getting pregnant
  • Persistent tiredness
  • Bleeding from the back passage (rectum)
  • Coughing blood (if the tissue has affected the lungs)

The severity of the pain and the symptoms depend on the location of the abnormal tissue rather than the amount of the tissue one has. For the women with the disorder, there comes a time when the pain is unbearable and they are ready to do anything to lessen the pain. In such a point, the medical care provider may prescribe Lupron for endometriosis.


Uses in Endometriosis Treatment


Lupron is a prescription medication administered through injections and it’s a man-made gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH); it imitates the action of the natural GnRH which is produced in the hypothalamus gland. The medication is considered as a front- line treatment for endo since it works by suppressing pituitary hormones. It’s crucial to note that endo is chronic and progressive; hence there isn’t any cure for it. If there is no cure for the ailment, how does the drug help with endometriosis? This medication improves the signs and symptoms of the disease as well as slowing down its progression, for clarity on this continue reading the article.


Medics believe that endometriosis depends on estrogen to grow and develop. When Lupron shot is given, the estrogen levels rise for one to two weeks. In these two weeks, the current symptoms worsen for example the pain may become severe or one may notice new symptoms, when this occurs, notify the health practitioner immediately. However, after a couple of weeks, Lupron injections, temporally shuts off the pituitary gland which prevents the ovary from releasing estrogen and progesterone; it puts a woman in a state of menopause (though temporal state), so the symptoms of endo are improved and the disorder spreads at a slower rate.


Lupron treatment for endometriosis normally takes a period of six months; the doctor may put a patient on this medicine once monthly or after every three months. The dose for the monthly injection is 3.75 mg, whereas 11.25 mg for the three months. Some health practitioner prefers to include an add-back therapy for females on the medication; this may entail taking a daily pill to add a minimal amount of progesterone back into a woman’s body with an aim of reducing some of the unwanted side effects of Lupron which can be difficult to endure.


Are you asking yourself, should I take the drug for endometriosis yet my condition is very mild’. Well, mild endo may not always require medication. Remember as earlier mentioned, Lupron therapy relieves the disorder rather than curing it. Without treatment, some endometriosis gets better or improves on its own, but others remain the same. Unfortunately, the condition may turn out to be severe without treatment.


For the majority of the women with endo, the symptom improves after menopause. Making a decision on whether or not to use this medication is all about weighing the risks of the therapy against the effects of living with the condition, contact the doctor to advise on the best option. Whichever the way that one chooses to go, healthy lifestyle is vital to better manage the disease.


Endometriosis and Pregnancy


One of the major complications of the ailment is the inability to conceive. The drug leads to a reduction of estrogen levels, which stops endo from growing or slowing down its growth, eventually, fertility is restored. Many women with endo may go through surgery to improve chances of conception. Eventually, if one becomes pregnant and have endometriosis, the pregnancy will be at risk, however with the doctors help one can successfully carry the pregnancy to term and have a safe delivery. Sometimes, pregnancy may improve the signs of endo, although they are most likely to come back after giving birth, one is done with breastfeeding or the periods return to normal.


Bear in mind depo Lupron is not a birth control method. Even though a woman doesn’t experience monthly period, unprotected sexual intercourse may lead to unwanted pregnancy. While on the medication, a female must use a non-hormonal birth control like a condom. In case you conceive during the treatment, contact the doctor right away. Please take note that using Lupron may trigger undesirable effects.


Lupron Side Effects


The short term Side effects are identical to what a female goes through during menopause. The short-term unfavorable effects may include;

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Headaches
  • Mood changes
  • Low libido
  • Depression
  • Incidence of forgetfulness
  • Stomach pain 
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Blurred vision

Women on Lupron will encounter at least a few of the listed negative effects, which can turn out to be severe or mild. For the mild effects, they clear after a couple of weeks or days. However, if the mentioned effects become severe or bothersome, medical help should be sought.


Lupron side effects can last for weeks or months after you have stopped taking the medication leading to long-term side effects. The long-term effects of the medication can be life threatening such as joint pain, horrible memory loss, and bone thinning; that’s why it’s recommended for a patient to be on the therapy for at least six months and to be on add-back therapy to lessen the occurrence of such effects. For more information on the unwanted effects, refer to the physician or the pharmacist.


In Conclusion


You are equipped with information on Lupron and endometriosis. Not all patients with the disorder will go through the pain. And the condition does not worsen with time; as explained earlier in the article, it improves during pregnancy and after menopause. If endometriosis isn’t severe, don’t intend to become pregnant and almost getting to menopause, you may not require this drug treatment, however, the decision is entirely on you.

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