What You Need To Know About Fertility Pills To Conceive

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What You Need To Know About Fertility Pills To Conceive

After series of tests have been carried out on your partner and you, your fertility doctor has informed you that both of you are infertile! You are lost for words and in confusion of what action to take. You have struggled to have a baby for long without any success. Relax, consider taking fertility pills. Taking fertility drugs is the first step for infertile couples who seek a solution to deal with infertility. Couples who depend on pills for fertility eventually manage to have children. Pills to increase fertility are readily available in drug stores even without a prescription. You can purchase fertility pills online regardless of your place of residence. Since there are many fertility drugs available, you have to make sure you buy the best fertility pills for best results. Fertility tablets have been in use for decades and success rate reported. Fertility pills are safe for use by both men and women.


Pills for women


Fertility pills for women

Female fertility pills mainly cause the body to release the hormones to trigger and regulate ovulation. They are mostly administered to treat ovulation disorders (ovulation disorder is a leading cause of infertility in women). Though you might be using other methods to increase chances of getting pregnant for example in vitro fertilization, fertility pills to get pregnant should be utilized as they are vital in treating infertility. They regulate ovulation cycles and increase chances of conception. Between 22 to 26 years, the fertility of the woman is at its peak. Past the age of 35 years fertility decline accelerates. The following women fertility pills are efficient to promote chances of getting pregnant and boost chances of conception;


  • Clomiphene Citrate 

Clomid 50 mg

Clomiphene citrate falls under the category of synthetic hormone. It is mainly used to cause and regulate ovulation. Other brand names for the fertility pill are Clomid and Serophene. Clomiphene induces ovulation indirectly. If you consume it, your brain will send a signal to the pituitary gland for follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) to be released. The hormones circulate to the ovaries encouraging the development of the follicles. At the onset of follicle growth, the process of ovulation starts immediately. The dose for clomiphene will vary depending on the patient. Usually, you will begin taking the fertility pill on the 3rd day of your menstrual cycle and stop on the 7th day. Ovulation will occur seven days after taking the last dose. Doctors recommend taking clomiphene for six months only even if ovulation does not take place

  • Letrozole

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The fertility pill, fall under the category of aromatase inhibitors (drugs responsible in hindering the body to produce estrogen though temporally). It works almost the same as clomiphene. Aromatase inhibitors kick start release of FSH. If you used clomiphene but it was unsuccessful, you could use Letrozole to induce ovulation. Also, it is important to note that, women who used clomiphene to initiate ovulation may not get pregnant. Therefore, you can take Letrozole to conceive.

  • Gonadotropin

It is usually administered together with clomiphene. It is ideal if you are infertile as a result of an irregular menstrual cycle. The pituitary gland will be supplied with GnRH hormone to enable the doctor administer follicle development through FSH and LH. Other brand names to identify gonadotropin are Repronex, Menopur, Follistim, Gonal-F, and Bravelle.

  • Metformin

Metformin 850 mg

Metformin makes the body very sensitive to insulin hormone. It is very effective in treating women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It can be combined with clomiphene or used alone. If you are obese, you are likely to have issues with insulin levels. Metformin lowers insulin levels in your blood. In the long run, testosterone levels do down you start ovulating regularly.

  • Bromocriptine

Bromocriptine Mesylate Tablets 2.5 mg 5 mg

Bromocriptine corrects hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance hinders the ovaries from releasing an egg on a monthly basis. If you have prolactin hormone in excess, you can benefit from taking bromocriptine to reduce estrogen levels. Too much prolactin results to irregular monthly cycle


Pills for men


Fertility pills for men

Male fertility drugs put hormonal imbalances in order and aids in the production of quality sperm. As a result, the men fertility tablets boosts the fertility potential for men. Males require specific hormones to produce adequate healthy sperm to cause a pregnancy. Approximately 2% of males suffer from a condition known as secondary hypogonadism. The condition can be treated with men fertility pills. Secondary hypogonadism is a result of pituitary gland failing to function properly. A hormonal change hinders the production of testosterone and sperm production, therefore, low sperm count or none at all. Same hormones control reproduction in both men and women. Thus, the fertility tablets used to stimulate ovulation in a female are also used for stimulation of sperm production. Male fertility pills that can be utilized are:

  • Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)

If your partner has infertility as a result of hypogonadism, the immediate treatment he will receive is GnRH. The pill is delivered through a portable pump that resembles a beeper. A needle and a catheter are attached to the beeper; this is the most complicated form of treatment since you must wear it daily. For it to yield results, it may take one year or even three years to the maximum.

  • Clomiphene Citrate

Clomiphene sends a signal to the brain to produce a hormone that causes the testicles to produce high levels of testosterone and boost sperm production regarding quality and volume. You take one clomiphene pill three times per week. The treatment takes 3 to 6 months. If hormonal levels normalize, you can continue taking it though in small doses for the next two years.

  • Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)

hCG increases production of testosterone and sperm production as well. The treatment runs to a maximum of 6 months. It increases sperm count. It can take two years for the treatment to be effective.

  • Human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG)

If your sperm count is still low after using hCG, you fertility specialist can recommend human menopausal gonadotropin to promote testes to produce sperms and testosterone. The duration for the treatment is up to 9 months.


Pills to conceive twins


Fertility pills to conceive twins

If you desire to conceive twins, fertility pills to conceive twins are your best option. After waiting for an extended period to get pregnant, you can take fertility tablets for twins. But what are the best fertility pills for twins? Well, increase your chances by taking the following:

  • Clomiphene
  • Gonadotropin

In conclusion, the journey towards attaining pregnancy is never easy. Fertility tablets can work magic if you use them. People have used them for decades, and the results have been excellent. Take a trip to a fertility specialist to know about fertility pills or purchase fertility pills online. Support, encourage your partner and seek medical help.

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