What You Need To Know About PCOS Diet

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Definition and Symptoms of PCOS


Signs and Symptoms of PCOS

Have you ever heard of a PCOS diet? To start with, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder affecting women aged between 15-50 years. The condition hinders the ovaries from working well. Therefore, the ovaries don’t release an egg monthly, resulting in the formation of tiny cyst on the ovaries. If you suffer from PCOS you are likely to experience the following symptoms:


  • Irregular periods
  • Missing periods
  • Acne mainly affects the face
  • Thinning hair
  • Hirsutism that is too much hair on the face, forearms, and lower abdomen
  • Weight gain which can result in obesity
  • Dark skin pigmentation mainly at the back of the neck and under arms and breasts this is known as acanthosis nigricans 


PCOS is a leading cause of reduced fertility in women and can lead you to infertility in the long run. Worse still, if not untreated, PCOS puts you at risk of developing:


  • Endometrial cancer
  • Diabetes especially type 2
  • Sleep apnoea
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Heart disease


What Is PCOS Diet?


What You Need To Know About PCOS Diet

Dieting means restricting yourself to small amount of food or consuming particular foods due to medical reasons or to lose weight. So, PCOS diet is opting for a culture of nutritious foods to minimize chances of developing the conditions mentioned above. A PCOS diet plan comes in handy to manage weight and regulates the levels of insulin. Identifying the best diet for PCOS can be complex. Once you determine diet for PCOS, it is challenging to adapt to lifestyle changes and efficiently manage PCOS diet menu and stick to it faithfully. It is advisable to consider consulting a professional, qualified nutritionist to walk with you so as to understand diet for women with PCOS and help you to adapt to new eating habits. You should ensure the following are available in your diet menu:


  1. Green leafy vegetables- to control PCOS and improve fertility
  2. Colored vegetables are powerful antioxidants
  3. Fruits
  4. Healthy fats found in avocado, nuts and olive oil.
  5. Organic meat
  6. Low glycemic index carbohydrates


PCOS and diet go hand in hand. A poor diet puts you at risk of developing PCOS. What you consume can cause you to develop insulin resistance and eventually make you to be obese. Obesity and insulin resistance are conditions strongly related to PCOS. If you suffer from PCOS, one of the common symptoms is obesity as a result of continuously gaining weight. Also, your testosterone hormones levels are extremely high; this is the cause of the growth of hair in excess and irregular periods.


Insulin and PCOS


insulin and pcos

Insulin is a crucial hormone. Experts are in agreement that insulin plays a role in PCOS. Pancreas produces insulin as a result of eating food-mainly carbohydrates. It aids in ferrying sugar from the blood into your muscles. The sugar is changed to energy or kept as fat. Most women suffering from PCOS are insulin resistant. What does this mean? The process of removing sugar from the blood then to cells is faulty; the cells have become resistant to the precious insulin. Thus, the pancreas is tasked to produce insulin in high levels to do away with sugar from the blood. If insulin levels are too high, it causes destruction in your body, leading to the following conditions:


  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Gaining weight
  • Difficulty shedding off weight


You are also at risk of developing heart disease and developing diabetes. Experts become aware of the role of insulin in PCOS. It provided a ray of hope for proper treatment. The treatments aim at dealing with the primary cause; that is insulin resistance; the best treatment is choosing an insulin resistance PCOS diet. Exercise and adopting a PCOS diet plan for weight loss can also treat insulin resistance. It is important to note that since insulin production is triggered by the food that you eat-especially carbohydrates, it is wise to learn and implement low carb diet for PCOS. Do away with carbohydrates that cause cravings. Consume small portions of carbs throughout the day to control blood sugar and insulin. Choosing and adopting best diet for PCOS weight loss will not only help you attain your ideal weight but will also aid in improving insulin resistance. You will end lowering the risk of suffering from health problems associated with PCOS. A well planned and strictly adhered to PCOS weight loss diet have been proven to normalize ovulation and restore fertility. Also, consuming, PCOS fertility diet can improve chances of conceiving and enables an embryo to attach itself well in the womb.

insulin production pcos overweight

Most doctors prefer that you start by exercising and coming up with a PCOS diet plan to lose weight and following it to the letter. However, the physician may turn to PCOS diet pills if need be. The doctor can prescribe Metformin.


What is Metformin?


It is a drug that is taken orally to treat type 2 diabetes. You should not take Metformin if you have severe kidney disease. It should be consumed as directed by the physician and be taken with meals. Metformin is just a part of a full treatment which entails dieting and exercising; this means that you will be on a Metformin PCOS diet whereby you consume the drug and follow your diet.


In conclusion, to assist you carry out PCOS diet, implement the following tips:


  1. Don’t deprive yourself of food. Eat in a healthy manner, don’t starve yourself. If you consume healthy food, you will enjoy.
  2. Be in control of your blood sugar. Do away with white bread, potatoes and snacks
  3. Exercise regularly- it may be difficult at first, but with time it will be part and parcel of your daily activity. Through exercise you will boost your mood, lose weight and regulate the level of blood glucose
  4. Evaluate the relationship you have with food. When stressed or lonely, do you eat a lot? After you accomplish something, do you reward yourself with food? Go for food that is rich in nutrients.
  5. Don’t blame anyone for PCOS; instead follow the PCOS diet strictly with the assistance of your nutritionist. Before you know it you shall succeed.
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