Uses and Dosage Of Bromocriptine Medication

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Bromocriptine doage, dose

Bromocriptine is a prescription drug with many uses, due to its dopamine effects. It belongs to a group of medicines known as ergot alkaloids. The drug is available in the form of:


  • Capsule 
  • Tablet 


It comes in different strengths such as 0.8 mg, 2.5 mg, and 5mg. Bromocriptine dosage will depend on the conditions being treated for, how you react to the initial dose given, the genetic makeup and the period one will be on the medication. The starting dose is 1.25 mg to 2.5 mg or as directed by the medical care provider. The tablets or the capsules are taken once or twice daily with meals, preferably during bedtime. If the medical care provider gives a different dosage, follow the prescription and don’t change it whatsoever. Below is a discussion of some conditions treated by this medicine.


Bromocriptine dosage & Its usage


  • To treat prolactinoma

Prolactinoma is a noncancerous tumor on the pituitary gland in the brain which produces elevated levels of prolactin hormone. The main effects are a reduction of testosterone hormone in men and estrogen hormone in women. A decrease in these crucial hormones in the reproductive health can trigger infertility in males and females.


Medications and surgery are two main therapies to treat the condition. The medicines used to treat the condition are known as a dopamine agonist, for example, this drug is used to treat the condition. The starting drug dose for prolactinoma ranges between 1.25 mg to 2.5 mg taken once per day orally. After taking Bromocriptine dosage, prolactin production is reduced, the tumor shrinks and the reproductive hormone affected are restored back to normal. In case the desired effects aren’t attained, the dose is increased gradually; 2.5 mg is added between two to seven days. However, the dosage shouldn’t go, beyond 15 mg once daily.


In children aged between 11 to 15 years, the initial dose is 1.25 mg to 2.5 mg once per day. The physician may increase the dosage of the drug as required and tolerated. The maximum dose is 10 mg per day. For children below 11 years, the doctor will prescribe the best dose for the child.

  • To treat acromegaly

Bromocriptine is prescribed to treat acromegaly. What is acromegaly, it is a hormonal disorder which develops when the pituitary gland produces the growth hormone in higher levels during adulthood, consequently affecting bones on the hands, face, and feet. The disorder is mainly experienced by middle-aged adults. However, growing children may be affected by the excess growth hormone, leading to gigantism. The affected child experiences exaggerated bone growth and abnormal increase in height. It is difficult to detect the disorder since it is rare and physical changes happen in people more often; it can even take years before the condition is detected. If not treated in time, it results in serious illness and may become fatal. To lower the growth hormone, adults are given a dose between 1.25 mg to 2.5 mg to start with, the dose is taken once daily for three days at bedtime with food or a snack. If need be, the dose may be increased by 1.25 mg to 2.5 mg once daily every 3 to 7 days to get the desired effects. Nonetheless, the maximum dose is 100 mg per day. As for children, the use and the dose will be decided by the medical care practitioner.

  • To treat Parkinson’s disease

Parkison’s disease is a nervous system disorder which affects movement. The disorder results in stiffness, tremor and slowing movement. The drug may be used to improve the symptoms since the condition has no cure. To manage Parkinson’s disease, adults are put on 1.25 mg two times daily. The medical care provider may adjust the dosage over several weeks if need be. The highest dose is 100 mg per day. As for the children, it is determined by the doctor.

  • To treat type II diabetes 

It is a chronic disease and it’s more common in adults. If you have type II diabetes, the body may resist the effects of insulin or it does not produce adequate insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels. The initial dosage is 0.8 mg taken in the morning, two hours after waking up together with food. To get the wanted effects, the physician may increase the dose. Nevertheless, the daily dose shouldn’t exceed 4.8 mg per day.


Dose in bodybuilding


Bromocriptine has been in use in bodybuilding society. It aids in weight loss and reduction of elevated prolactin levels in athletes and body builders. For Bromocriptine dosage in bodybuilding to be effective, athletes and bodybuilders must follow a diet plan and a doctor monitors the progress of the medication. The normal dose for bodybuilders is 2.5 mg which may be divided twice every day. Nonetheless, if the side effects are bothersome, which men find it hard to tolerate, the doctor may recommend taking 1.25 mg which can still be effective.


What to consider before using it


Each medication has wanted effects and unwanted effects. Before using this medication, discuss with the doctor the advantages and disadvantages of taking of taking the drug, consider the following:


  • Allergies – inform the doctor about the existing allergies on food and medicines.
  • Pediatric – safety and efficiency of Bromocriptine in treating type II diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and acromegaly is yet to be established in children below the age of 16 years.
  • Geriatric – elderly patients are more prone to confusion, hallucination, and uncontrolled body movement as well as age-related kidney, heart and liver problems. Therefore, the drug dosage selection is done with caution. If possible, the lowest effective possible dose would be the best.
  • Pregnancy – the medication may not harm the fetus, however, the pituitary tumor of the expectant woman may expand during pregnancy. Also, blood pressure may occur and the medication may be dangerous when a pregnant woman with high blood pressure takes it. If you plan to become pregnant or become pregnant while on the drug, talk to the physician.
  • Breastfeeding – taking the medication while breastfeeding may alter milk production, thus inform the doctor if breastfeeding.




  • You may experience dizziness and drowsiness, thus if an alcoholic, alcohol may worsen dizziness, avoid alcohol intake while on the drug.
  • A few patients may experience stomach ulcers or bleed from the intestine or the stomach in the course of the treatment, consult the physician if you encounter nausea, vomiting, indigestion or blood in the stools, more so if one has a history of peptic ulcer.
  • The medical care practitioner will train you to check blood pressure levels frequently, particularly in the first few weeks of the treatment. Special attention is given to patients who have recently taken been on medication which may affect blood pressure. If you experience severe headaches, hypertension, stroke and seizures, seek medical intervention immediately and the therapy is discontinued.
  • The medication may lead to the sudden onset of sleep as one carries out his or her daily activities. Although it is a rare occurrence, it shouldn’t be ruled out and care is taken while on the medication, especially if your work involves driving machinery. It’s advisable to restrain from activities which require one to be alert until you determine how you react to the medication.
  • If a patient has been receiving Bromocriptine dosage in higher amounts for a long time, one is at risk of retroperitoneal fibrosis. The signs to look out for are severe stomach pains, severe nausea, and vomiting, feeling weak, persistent loss of appetite and lower back pain. If you experience the signs, consult the doctor.
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Uses and Dosage Of Bromocriptine Medication
Bromocriptine is a prescription drug with many uses, due to its dopamine effects. It belongs to a group of medicines known as ergot alkaloids.
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