Uses Of Pregnyl HCG

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Pregnyl HCG vials

Men and women find it hard dealing with infertility. It’s crucial to learn to cope with infertility and the tips below might be beneficial;


  • Acknowledge your feeling – it takes mental energy holding feelings back instead of expressing them. It is okay to feel angry, sad and frustrated.
  • Seek support through friends and an online forum for people going through infertility; this will lessen the burden.
  • Practice relaxation – learn how to relax and calm down for example through music and yoga.
  • Talk to your spouse – be open to your partner, share your frustration and happy moments together to strengthen the relationship.
  • Learn as much as possible – seek to know more about infertility, including alternatives such as living without a child or adoption, this will make you feel in control.
  • Seek medical help –it’s advisable to visit a fertility specialist as a couple for medical treatment. Series of tests will be performed to determine the root cause of the inability to conceive. The physician may prescribe Pregnyl HCG 10,000 IU.


What is HCG Pregnyl?


It is a purified form of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) that induces ovulation in women and increase sperm count in men. It is a prescription drug and has a successful record in restoring infertility. Pregnyl 10000 I.U comes in premixed syringes injected under the skin. The patient can receive the shot at the doctor’s office or at home. If giving the injection at home, strictly adhere to the procedure as directed by the medical care provider. Don’t self-inject the medication if you don’t understand how to give the shot as well as dispose of the injection materials used. However, before the shot check if the medication:


  1. Contains particles,
  2. Is discolored
  3. The vial is damaged


If you note any or all the above, do not use it and contact the doctor or the pharmacist as you need to continue with HCL Pregny dosage as prescribed.


If a woman has anovulation, she can be given Clomid in a low dose to assist in the development and maturity of follicles and the eggs, once they are mature, HCG Pregnyl injection is given to help with ovulation. After the shot, the female is expected to ovulate within 36 hours. If going through a natural cycle, one should have sexual intercourse on the day of the shot and the day after.


Fertility specialist uses HCG Pregnyl to aid in superovulation, particularly women advanced in age or those undergoing IVF. The aim of superovulation is for a woman to release more than one egg to raise chances of conception. If going through in vitro fertilization, the eggs should be harvested 36 hours after the injection or as determined by the doctor.


After the shot, a woman may be looking forward to confirming if conception has occurred. Remember, HCG is the pregnancy hormone (Pregnyl contains HCG as the active ingredient) or the hormone produced by a pregnant woman. HCG is detected in a home pregnancy test. Taking a home pregnancy test shortly after the shot may lead to false results, since traces of Pregnyl HCG may be present. So, how long should you wait? Its effects remain in the body and the urine for two weeks after the injection. Hence, it’s important to wait for at least 14 days before doing the home pregnancy test after the shot to avoid getting a false pregnancy test. The longer you wait the better so that the remaining traces of human chorionic gonadotropin can clear from the system completely. Waiting can be difficult, but taking the test too early and getting false pregnancy result can be more difficult.


Does the drug have other uses apart from treating infertility?


pregnyl 10000 units injection

HCG Pregnyl 10,000 IU is not limited in dealing with infertility alone, the medication acts like luteinizing hormone and it stimulates the production of testosterone when used in males. Therefore, it is used in young boys (before puberty) to cause the testicles to drop normally into the scrotum. Some boys may not develop the secondary sex characteristics between 12 to 14 years; hence it is given to aid in sexual development in a boy with delayed puberty.


Additionally, the drug is used for weight loss. Please note, however, Pregnyl HCG for weight loss isn’t approved by the FDA; the medication has been approved to deal with fertility issues in women and for pediatric hormonal therapy. The physician may prescribe the medicine as a means of losing weight. It’s believed that the shot increases metabolism, which enables your body to metabolize fat more quickly. The injection is combined with a diet for it to more effective.


What You Should be Aware of Pregnyl


  • Seek medical intervention if you have any symptoms of a blood clot such as a severe headache, confusion, extreme dizziness, pain, warmth, redness, and numbness.
  • Some women may develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), especially after the first fertility cycle. Inform the doctor if you experience severe pelvic pain, weight gain, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath and urinating less than normal. OHSS may be severe or mild. If the ovaries are overstimulated, avoid having sexual intercourse for four days or as guided by the health professional. That’s why it’s vital to undergo blood and urine tests to check the levels of urine since elevated levels is an indication that the ovaries can be over stimulated.
  • If a boy on Pregnyl shows early signs and symptoms of puberty, for example, deepened voice, increased acne or sweating and pubic hair growth, inform the medical care provider.
  • The medicine may lead to conception, but there are some risks which one should be aware of, like multiple pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage or abortion. Discuss with the fertility expert about these risks.
  • Though the medicine is used to cause a pregnancy, it shouldn’t be used during pregnancy; if the patient conceives, the physician must be informed right away. If taken during pregnancy, it can lead to birth defects.


In Conclusion


If a medical care provider has prescribed the medicine and you are uncertain where to buy HCG Pregnyl, compare prices from reputable pharmacies and get it at an affordable price. Another option you may go for is to buy Pregnyl HCG online. Remember while on the therapy, look out for side effects; refer to the physician for more information on this.

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