Using Serophene as a Testosterone Replacement For Men

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Using Serophene as a Testosterone Replacement For Men
Testosterone chemical structure formula


Testosterone is a hormone found both in men and women – but present in large quantities in the men’s body, being the main male hormone.Testosterone is key to the development of the reproductive tissues and the secondary sexual characteristics, such as an increased muscle mass. This hormone is also responsible for many benefits to the human body, such as an improvement in physical form, increased sexual desire and increased physical strength.


A low testosterone level


No matter if you are 18, 25 or 70 years old, a low testosterone level (also called hypoganadism) will usually represent a major problem in your life. Symptoms can vary: you can experience low energy levels, depression, loss of vitality, low sexual appetite, joints and muscles pains, erectile dysfunction, anemia, bone loss and even weight gain. Moreover, low levels of testosterone may increase the risk of prostate cancer, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease.


As you may know, a low testosterone level in men can be caused by several factors, such as a problem in certain glands – especially in men victims of a cancer or trauma in the testicle.Furthermore, a low testosterone index may be caused by iron overload, sleep loss, diabetes or drug overdose so far.


Finding the right solution for you


Physicians worldwide have prescribed a drug called Serophene (also known as Clomid or by the generic name of clomiphene citrate) to solve male fertility problems and increase sperm count and testosterone levels.The Serophene is an oral pill that regulates the testosterone levels in up to 4-6 weeks.A skilled doctor can recommend this remedy and evaluate your testosterone levels and sperm count, using the Serophene until everything is back to normal.

Serophene 50 mg Tablets

The Serophene can be used by men with low testosterone levels or a low sperm count.The drug works by sending a signal to the brain to increase the testosterone production, so its efficiency depends on the patient’s body’s ability to produce testosterone.Before taking this medication, you must ensure that the low sperm or testosterone level is not being caused by a blockage, like a cancer in the testicle – in this case, Serophene would not work.


Can I use Serophene?


Although they are uncommon, there are some side effects on Serophene. Some men say they have had allergic reactions to the drug, including difficulty to breath, throat swelling, vision problems, headaches, diarrhea, changes in mood and even breast augmentation.So it is very important that you visit a urologist and make all the recommended tests before you start taking this medicine – never take Serophene without the recommendation of a specialized doctor.


Moreover, there are some people who can not use Serophene. Do not use Serophene if:

  • You are allergic to the components of Serophene;
  • You have or have had liver problems;
  • You have thyroid problems, brain damage or problems in the adrenal gland;

If you take any other medicine regularly, also make sure to inform your doctor and ask if there may be some harmful drug interactions.

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Using Serophene as a Testosterone Replacement For Men
Testosterone is a hormone found both in men and women - but present in large quantities in the men’s body, being the main male hormone.
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