What is Pioglitazone and What is it Used For?

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What is Pioglitazone and What is it Used For?


What is Pioglitazone Used For?


Well this is a question that one can hard to answer. Pioglitazone is a medicinal drug which belongs to the class of thiazolidinedione (TDZ). Within the USA it is traded as Actos as well as in some parts of Europe like the UK and Germany. For other areas in Europe it is Glustin. In Mexico the brand is Zactos while in India the brand name is Glizone. Pioglitazone is the drug with the ability to treat type 2 diabetes. This drug has the ability to decrease blood sugar in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Its more effective in alleviating diabetes is coupled with adoption of healthy lifestyles by the patients to ensure they get better. With type 2 diabetes, patients contain high levels of blood sugar which is brought about by the inability of the body system to get rid of the excess blood sugar. The effect of Pioglitazone is to get the body’s normal response to enzyme insulin back so as to be able to control the blood sugar levels. 


Pioglitazone as a drug is administered in conjunction with other drugs which also help to fight diabetes mellitus type 2 diabetes; however, it might be administered on its own. It has been found unable to treat type 1 diabetes and might as well be harmful to those with that condition. This drug has also been put to use to treat a certain liver condition called non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. It has not been proven safe for use by one in pregnancy.

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In the field of pharmacology, this drug is used to excite the nuclear receptor peroxisome proliferator receptor gamma. Its effect is by adjusting the process of the DNA sequence i n a gene being copied into m RNA for the genes that carry out the regulation of glucose as well as lipid metabolism in the liver as well as muscles. This has the effect of limiting the insulin opposition within the liver as well as the surrounding tissues. This reduces the level of gluconeogenesis in the liver as well as reducing the amount of glycated hemoglobin and glucose in the bloodstream. This article explains pioglitazone what is it used for.


Even though this drug is effective in reducing blood sugar levels, it has been found to bring with it certain side effects. They have led to its withdrawal for prescription in some countries. The effects include:


  1. The drug has been known to lead to fluid retention as well as peripheral edema which is swelling due to excessive accumulation of fluid in tissues.
  2. The drug also associated with congestive heart failure due to the peripheral edema.
  3. When the drug is administered in high doses the drug it has been noted to bring about cholestatic hepatitis.
  4.  As a result of increase in the subcutaneous tissue in the skin, the intake of the drug has been noted to lead to weight gain.
  5.  The patient’s prevalence of upper respiratory tract infection has also been noted to increase due to the intake of the drug.
  6. The drug has also been related to the high prevalence to bladder cancer noted in patients using it which has led to its demotion from providing diabetes cure.
  7.  In conjunction with some enzymes the drug has been noted to increase the risk of hypoglycemia where the body displays low blood sugar which sets in another complication in the diabetes treatment.
  8.  The use of the drug was also noted to increase the probability of pregnancy for persons who have been carrying oral contraception.
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What is Pioglitazone and What is it Used For?
Pioglitazone what is it used for?, well this is a question that one can hard to answer. Pioglitazone is a medicinal drug which belongs to the class of thiazolidinedione (TDZ).
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