What is the Cost of Tamoxifen?

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Are you suffering from breast cancer and needs to find a better way of treatment? The Tamoxifen is known for treating treat different cases of breast cancer. For example, it is the best for reducing breast cancer in certain parts once a patient has gone radiotherapy or surgery. Besides this, it is used for treating breast cancer that has been able to spread to other parts of the body, which is also known as metastatic breast cancer. Finally, it is also used in preventing breast cancer among those with a high risk of suffering from the disease. The Tamoxifen cost is relatively cheap and affordable, hence the best treatment for breast cancer.


It works by interfering with the effects of estrogen in the breast tissue. Despite its effectiveness, the Tamoxifen cost is relatively cheap and affordable. Get started with it today and it shall guarantee you excellent services.


How should you use Tamoxifen?


Each and every drug requires to be taken based on the subscription of the doctor. This is not an exception to Tamoxifen. It is orally taken through the mouth. The medication can be taken with or without food, hence very perfect for all. For every 24 hours, the patient will need a maximum of two doses. Each dose shouldn’t exceed 20 mg, though most of the dosages are based on the medical condition of the patient or the response of the therapy.


Side effects of Tamoxifen


The Tamoxifen is known to be a very effective and excellent drug for dealing with breast cancer. Despite its effectiveness, it is known to have some side effects like muscle aches, leg cramps, hot flashes, numb skin, headache, and hair thinning. For the men, one may experience side effects like loss of sexual interest.


There are other serious side effects that one is likely to experience like; eye pain, vision change, change in mood, and swelling of the feet/ankle. In case you notice any of these conditions, it is advisable to seek an immediate medication.


Who should not use Tamoxifen?


Before using the Tamoxifen, it is highly advisable to consult with your doctor. This is because there are groups of individuals who shouldn’t use the drug. Some of these people include;


  • One suffering from liver disease
  • In case you have a history of either blood clot or stroke
  • Anyone with a high level of triglycerides or cholesterol
  • Anyone who is receiving radiation or chemotherapy
  • Anybody with a history of cataracts.


Tamoxifen cost


The Tamoxifen cost is relatively cheap and affordable. You can get the drug at a cost of $100.00 every month. Most of the insurance policies will always cover for the prescription, but in the case where the policy hasn’t covered for this, you can always buy it through the American Association of Retired People. This will provide you with the drug at a discounted rate. It applies to all individuals even to those who are not members. Give it a try today and you will definitely love it. This is the ultimate solution for dealing with and hindering the chances of suffering from breast cancer. You can get it online today by making your order and it shall be delivered within the estimated time.


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What is the Cost of Tamoxifen?
The tamoxifen is known for treating treat different cases of breast cancer. For example, it is the best for reducing breast cancer in certain parts
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