Zoladex – Its Uses, and What to Expect

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Zoladex breast cancer and endometriosis are words that very often go together. Zoladex is a widely used drug which is administered by means of a subcutaneous injection. Its generic name is Goserelin Acetate, and so you may also hear it referred to as Goserelin. The key uses of Zoladex are for treating some kinds of breast cancers in women and for treating the disease of the uterus known as endometriosis. Zoladex tackles endometriosis in various ways, including by thinning the lining of the uterus (which is known as the endometrium). In addition, because this drug has the effect of thinning the lining of the uterus, it is also injected before some types of surgery as a thin uterine lining makes it easier for the surgeon to investigate and treat issues with the uterus. There are several other less common uses of the drug. For example, Zoladex is also sometimes used to stop early puberty in children.


How is Zoladex administered?


As mentioned above, this drug is administered by means of an injection. Rather than a one off injection, however, the Zoladex syringe will inject a Zoladex implant under the patient’s skin. The implant will then release the drug into the body at a continuous rate. Usually, the subcutaneous injection will need to be repeated every 4 weeks if it is a 3.6 milligram syringe and every 12-14 weeks if it is a 10.8 milligram syringe. This can be done by a medical professional or even by the patient themselves once they have been given the proper training. Which dosage size is used will depend on the patient’s individual needs.


Are there any side effects involved in taking this drug?


Serious side effects with this drug are rare. However, there is one key way in which in impacts upon that body. This is that it will halt a woman’s menstrual cycle completely when it is used over a long period of time. That means that the women taking Zoladex will not experience any periods. However, once the patient stops taking the drug, her periods will eventually resume again – unless she has already reached the menopause. Other side effects are related to the boosting of hormones within the body as a result of taking this drug – they include changes in breast size, dizziness and hot flushes. These side effects can be managed once they have been understood to be an effect of taking this particular medication.


How does Zoladex work?


What makes Zoladex breast cancer drug of choice for so many people? Many patients find it very effective because Zoladex is designed to work in a very similar way to a hormone that the human body produces naturally. This hormone is known as LHRH (which stands for ‘luteinizing hormone releasing hormone’). Because it mimics the action of a hormone that the human body produces naturally, Zoladex tends to be accepted very well by the human body, with few adverse side effects. As such this makes Zoladex breast cancer drug of choice for very many women. It also makes it a very popular drug for women who suffer from endometriosis.

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Zoladex - Its Uses, and What to Expect
Zoladex breast cancer and endometriosis are words that very often go together. Zoladex is a widely used drug which is administered by means of a subcutaneou
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